Customer Changes Salon
Application Salon
New York
Problem Existing Fluorescent 2x2 Troffers
2x32 Watts, total 64 Watts
Solution RTG LED 2x2 Troffers
30 Watts
Benefits check_circle 60.6% Energy Reduction
check_circle 11 months Payback
check_circle Increased light output
check_circle Rebate by Orange and Rockland
check_circle Increased Lamp Life

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Ol2200 Ol2200dim

- Long life.
- Lamps will last up to 50,000 burning hours.
- Maintenance Free.
- Excellent Quality of Light.
- CRI >80.
- High luminous efficacy.
- Stable light output [flicker-free].
- Instant on.

Watts | Lumens Color Temp Voltage Options
30w | 3,900
5,000K 100-277v Flat Panles